Challenge of the Week / Sports / 05.22.20

An 18-year-old female patient who is a cross-country runner presents with hip pain. She reports that she occasionally misses menstrual cycles. She denies any disordered eating habits and states that she does not worry about her weight. She has a body mass index of 18 kg/m. She is currently in the middle of her cross-country season but has had increasing groin pain that is present even when walking. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis?A 54-year-old male patient presents to the emergency department with non-radiating thoracic back pain. He has an intact motor, sensory, and reflex examination of the bilateral upper and lower extremities. The patient has a history of hepatitis C, a 30-pack per year history of smoking cigarettes, and chronic cough for the last 3 months. His white blood-cell count, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, and C-reactive protein level are slightly elevated. Which of the following best describes the appropriate imaging modality and findings to diagnose spinal discitis/osteomyelitis?

Challenge of the Week / Sports Medicine / 08.02.19

You are seeing a 20-year-old male patient who is collegiate baseball center fielder. The patient reports acute proximal thigh and groin pain that started when he was chasing a fly ball. Ultrasound of the proximal thigh reveals deep fiber disruption in the direct head of the rectus with a small hematoma. No defect is appreciated on examination. Which of the following is the most appropriate treatment?

Challenge of the Week / Sports / 05.24.19

A 17-year-old male patient presents with leg pain that occurs whenever he attempts physical activity. The pain increases during the activity, and subsides once he stops. He reports that when running he has pain and numbness that radiates into his foot. On examination, he has no pain on palpation. Radiographs are within normal limits. Which … Continue reading Challenge of the Week / Sports / 05.24.19