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JBJS Clinical Classroom is an incredibly efficient online orthopaedic learning system. At this moment, you could be using the power of NEJM Knowledge+ to save you valuable time when preparing for exams.

How much time? Users of JBJS Clinical Classroom may spend up to 50% less time than users of traditional e-learning methods learning the same material.1 Think of how challenging your time schedule is right now. Wouldn’t it be better to learn what you need to know in less time?

Seeing is believing

When you use a “question bank” resource to prepare for exams, time is wasted on the material you already know. JBJS Clinical Classroom is smart enough to identify your strengths and weaknesses, determines what you already know, and then focuses your learning in areas where you need it most. No other online learning tool is this intelligent or efficient!

“I use it regularly…I like the recharge option. Very useful. My intensive use is prior to intraining exams.”

Abdulaziz Ahmed, Resident

Use it from anywhere, on any device. Use if throughout your residency to learn material that you will use throughout your professional career. Use it to help you prepare for board certification exams and to help maintain your certification in the years to come. But most importantly… it’s already available for you so use it today!

The NEJM Knowledge + platform is proven to work, and had demonstrated a higher proportion of first attempt board certification passes.2 Find out for yourself by logging on today!