A more efficient orthopaedic learning experience

JBJS Clinical Classroom is the only adaptive learning platform designed specifically for orthopaedic surgeons. Unlike online “question bank” resources, Clinical Classroom helps you learn more efficiently and productively, while also saving you time.

But now, with our newly upgraded platform, you benefit from a more customized—and more efficient—learning experience!


The newly upgraded JBJS Clinical Classroom makes for an easier, yet more robust learning experience by:

Benefits - JBJSCCL

JBJS Clinical Classroom: a leading orthopaedic online learning tool made even greater with adaptive learning.

Why adaptive learning?

Because you shouldn’t have to spend more time than you need! Users of JBJS Clinical Classroom may spend up to 50% less time than users of traditional e-learning methods to learn the same material.1 Think of how challenging your schedule is right now. Wouldn’t it be better to complete modules and earn the credits you need in less time?

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