New and Adaptive

JBJS Clinical Classroom is a leading adaptive and online orthopaedic learning system. It uses a biological model of adaptive learning technology, observes how you learn, and then individualizes content with a precise focus on knowledge, skill, and confidence deficits. Unlike “question banks”, JBJS Clinical Classroom tailors questions to the users so they spend up to 50% less time learning the same material.1

Residents who begin using Clinical Classroom during their residency can continue as they move into fellowships and independent practice – a lifetime of orthopaedic education in one tool! The platform’s adaptive algorithm works the same way for residents as it does for individual clinicians. It can be used independently or incorporated into a program’s curriculum.

Unlike Any Other Study Tool

When answering questions in Clinical Classroom, you must choose “I know it”, “Think so”, “Unsure”, or “No idea” to describe your confidence in the answer you are selecting. The adaptive algorithm looks at how a question is answered, the selected confidence level, and time taken to answer each question. It learns from you and directs you away from subjects you are proficient in and toward weaker areas until all content is mastered, adapting as you learn.

Other online study tools typically focus on memorization and passing exams as opposed to mastery and reinforcement of information. By contrast, Clinical Classroom quickly identifies learners’ strengths and weaknesses during the test-taking process so that they can continually focus on areas they have not yet mastered or are uncertain about.

“I would recommend it highly. I wish I had discovered it during residency!”

Ian Mullikin, M.D.

Clinical Classroom allows learners to see not only what questions they have missed but also which learning objectives they find most challenging. The platform also contains an automated “recharge” function to help learners retain previously learned content and to relearn topics they may have forgotten over time.

When preparing for an exam, a learner’s time is limited. Avoid spending time on content you have already mastered and focus only on areas where you need reinforcement. JBJS Clinical Classroom is based on NEJM Knowledge+, a unique learning technology that prepares learners in other medical specialties which has a higher pass rate on first attempt board certification compared to the national average.2

What are the advantages for residents?

Advanced technology.  JBJS Clinical Classroom is user-friendly for any device and can be used anywhere, at any time on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Clinically-based, frequently updated content. The content in JBJS Clinical Classroom is developed by clinical experts, peer-reviewed, and clinically relevant information. It is updated regularly as standards change and new procedures are added to practice. Questions are linked to additional references including high-yield articles from JBJS, which are available to learners. No subscription to JBJS is needed.

“I use it regularly…I like the recharge option. Very useful. My intensive use is prior to intraining exams.”

Abdulaziz Ahmed, Resident

Autonomy and flexibility. You can access JBJS Clinical Classroom on your own to answer questions. The adaptive learning algorithm directs you to educationally weak areas and lets you access primary resources and references in a single click.

Better prepare for OITEs and Board certification exams. You can use JBJS Clinical Classroom throughout your residency and continue to do so as you prepare for board certification. Questions are clinically based and provide assessment on a broad range of orthopaedic topics.

How do I get started?

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