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An Adaptive Learning Program for Monitoring and Exams

“The Clinical Classroom product questions have a higher level of integrity than questions on similar platforms.” – Resident Director, 2020

With over 4,300 probes and 2,100 learning resources in all orthopaedic subspecialties, JBJS Clinical Classroom houses essential content for a resident of any level. From core material to advanced topics, residents can spend days studying from this learning tool, especially with the help of our personalized algorithm. The system learns from a user’s trends in performance to target their knowledge gaps, phase out their strengths to save time, and provide tailored resources for remediation. It’s the very best in lifelong orthopaedic education, from residency into practice.

The novelty of Clinical Classroom comes from its assessment of a resident’s confidence in the content. Evaluating correctness and confidence in tandem enables the resident to think critically about their proficiency while informing our system of what content to curate for the user. This creates a more productive learning experience that saves an immense amount of time for the user by avoiding repeat or basic content.

The individualized learning system reinforces clinical skills, sharpens one’s knowledge, and hones confidence in the material. Program directors and faculty can monitor resident performance through reports and customizable exams. You can set up pre/post-rotation exams or baseline tests in preparation for the OITE.

I really enjoy the format of JBJS clinical classroom – both the idea behind repeating questions / topics that you don’t feel comfortable with knowledge wise, but also the topics with which you are not answering questions correctly” – PGY5, 2020

Comprehensive Content

  • Evidence-based, gold standard content from JBJS
  • Full access to relevant JBJS articles and one-click links to other peer-reviewed references
  • Content created by expert, practicing surgeons for credible and up-to-date material

Built for Residents

  • Fully responsive on computers, tablets, and mobile phones for access anywhere, anytime
  • Contains specialized modules and customized practice sets serve as useful adjuncts to clinical rotations
  • Creates a personalized experience that reinforces clinical skills, sharpens metacognitive skills and develops confidence
  • Presents content only in needed areas and not in areas where competence has been demonstrated, ensuring the most efficient and effective learning experience
  • Provides excellent preparation for In-Training and board certification exams

Robust Reporting

  • Dynamic reports allow program directors to review data at the individual and program level, and gain insight into individual and group progress, performance, and proficiency.
  • Reports identify at-risk performers, highlight areas of strength and areas for remediation, and measure overall program performance and confidence.

Clinical Classroom for Institutions Offers:

  • An essential suite of learning content and resources for residents with an entirely personalized user experience
  • An advanced toolset for educators to monitor and target resident knowledge gaps with countless reports
  • An opportunity for faculty to earn their CME/SAE credits through the same platform
  • Professional, tailored training and curriculum development from our team